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Foreign Affairs Minister Tkatchenko Unveils Strategic Roadmap To Restore PNG’s International Standing

Minister Tkatchenko emphasized the urgent need to restore the confidence

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Foreign Affairs Minister Tkatchenko

In the wake of his recent reinstatement, Papua New Guinea Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko, MP, has wasted no time in addressing the challenges and tasks lying ahead for the Department. Minister Tkatchenko, expressing gratitude for the reappointment, outlined a comprehensive priority list aimed at steering the department through the post-events of January 10.

In a press statement, Minister Tkatchenko emphasized the urgent need to restore the confidence of the international community and organizations both within and outside the country. He asserted, “My main objective is to bring back confidence to the international communities, organizations, and those who live in PNG, ensuring they understand crucial information regarding the national government’s approach to the recent events.”

Reflecting on the setback caused by recent events, Minister Tkatchenko remained optimistic, stating, “It took one day to destroy all our hard work over the last 16 months, but we are resilient. Our job is to bring back the confidence of the international communities through the implementation of government policies, particularly in matters of security.”

The Minister highlighted the department’s commitment to coordinating with missions, organizations, and honorary consuls. He underlined the importance of disseminating information related to government assistance, programs, projects, laws, and regulations, especially concerning national security.

Minister Tkatchenko’s third priority involves working closely with international partners and missions to implement outstanding agreements, treaties, and memoranda of understanding (MOUs). He emphasized the importance of delivering agreed-upon outcomes for the benefit of PNG and its partners.

The fourth priority outlined by the Minister is the completion of the Foreign Policy White Paper. He emphasized the significance of this document in guiding PNG’s foreign policy arrangements and directions.

The fifth priority involves completing all reforms, restructuring efforts, and the long-overdue corporate plan within the department. Minister Tkatchenko acknowledged the shortage of qualified staff in Foreign Affairs and pledged to fill all positions with highly educated Papua New Guineans. Additionally, he emphasized the need to occupy all Foreign Mission positions with genuine, experienced, and qualified Papua New Guineans.

“We will continue to re-fleet all overseas missions and upgrade, renovate, and restore them to a professional and modern standard,” Minister Tkatchenko added.

Expressing gratitude for the government’s continued support with substantial budget allocations for the 2023 and 2024 National Budgets, the Minister affirmed that these allocations would facilitate the department’s programs and activities, ensuring the achievement of goals and objectives without hindrance.

Source: PNG Facts

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