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Speech by Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP – Prime Minister Upon Election to Form Government

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In the 10th Parliament of Papua New Guinea – 2 August 2017

Mr Speaker,
Firstly, may I congratulate you, on behalf of the House, on your election as Speaker of the Tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea.
Mr. Speaker,
It is an honour to be elected by the Members of this Honourable House, and the people of our Nation, as Prime Minister.
We are proud to form the Government of the Tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea.
Now that we have formed Government, we won’t be discouraging the views that are different to ours.
We want to encourage debate that will continue to unite our Nation.
We will be a Government that listens more, talks less and works harder at every opportunity.
We will be a Government that learns from its mistakes.
Mr. Speaker,
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every Member who has been elected to this Honourable House.
To all Members of the last Parliament, who are no longer representatives in this House, I commend you on your service to our nation.
Mr. Speaker,
This year we have had a very vibrant elections.
While our elections are robust, their successful outcome is a demonstration of the strength of our democracy.
Yes, there have been challenges in this election, but this has also been the most peaceful elections in many parts of our country.
It has also been an enormous undertaking for election officials, scrutineers and members of our disciplinary forces, and everyone involved.
There have been difficulties at the administrative and organisational level.
This Government commits to a full review of electoral processes, that will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to share their views.
I commend the Electoral Commissioner, the Police Commissioner, and all staff involved in this effort.
I further thank election observers, international and domestic, for participating in this process.
Mr Speaker,
Over the past three months of this election, we have listened to our people.
They have spoken loudly through the ballot box.
And, as we form Government today, it is not a time to celebrate.
We are humble in victory given to us, and now we get back to work.
In Alotau, this week, Members of our Coalition have developed a Second Alotau Accord.
Under the theme “Strongim wok na Sindaun bilong ol Pipol,” we have agreed upon a substantial set of policies that will advance our Nation.
In Alotau, our Coalition agreed that the people of this Nation want a Government that will cater for their wellbeing through economic empowerment.
They want a Government that will delivery of quality services in education, healthcare and infrastructure.
And our people want improved security, and the highest level of good Governance and transparency.
We promise to continue improving the quality of our free education program, and to the continued expansion of universal healthcare.
We will build capacity in our disciplined services by strengthening their leadership, and we will further improve law and order around our country.
Our Government will maintain focus on the critical infrastructure in the country that must be delivered if we are to move our country forward in terms of development.
We will build and maintain more roads and highways, more hospitals, airports and sea ports, and other public infrastructure.
In this coming term of Government, we will extend further respect and responsibility to the provinces of our country.
We will facilitate greater decentralisation and autonomy, by devolving more power from Waigani to our districts and provinces.
These are all some of the central pillars that bind together the 84 commitments, that our Government makes to you, through the Second Alotau Accord.
Mr. Speaker,
Regardless of the outcome of this election, and regardless of where we sit on this floor of Parliament, our people and Nation’s interests must be our common goal.
No Government is ever perfect, no Government delivers policy without challenges.
In our last Government, we admit where we could have done things better – and we make improvements.
We will continue to be a Government that Governs for all citizens and not only for those who supported us.
We must unite all of our people for the betterment of our country.
There is no doubt that Papua New Guinea is changing – and it is changing for the better.
So this Government will continue to dream big, and to do our best for our people.
We will draw from our past and work harder for our future.
I congratulate all Members of Parliament who have been elected to this Honourable House.
I thank you for your support in electing our Government.
Again, let me stress, our doors are always open, we embrace your constructive views, and we look forward to your support as we advance our Nation’s interests.
Thank You.

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