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MSG has failed West Papua: Regenvanu

By Len Garae Aug 30, 2023

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The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has failed West Papua.

Minister for Climate Change Adaptation, Mr. Ralph Regenvanu, who is also a pioneer spokesman for freedom for the Melanesian people of West Papua, made this statement when he delivered his remarks at the closing of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Second Summit at Owen Hall at the Presbyterian Paton Memorial (PMC) recently.

“Today I feel very sad because the MSG has failed West Papua. When I found out the decision of the leaders, I was shocked and I was really sad,” he said.

“We have not gone forward, we have gone backward here in Vanuatu. And this should not have happened in Vanuatu as (we are) the Chairman of MSG.”

Speaking on behalf of the Government, he described the failure to the abrupt failure to adopt West Papua as the latest full member of MSG, as “a failure not only by the Vanuatu Government, but a failure by the Vanuatu Free West Papua Association (VFWPA), a failure by the ULMWP and we all have to pull up our socks”.

He continued, “If we had all been much better prepared in working together, I think we would have had a different result here in Vanuatu. For example the Vanuatu Government gave an office here for ULMWP, but the ULMWP was not a participant of Senior Officials’ Meeting of MSG.

“What is the purpose of having a meeting to decide the agenda for the leaders if ULMWP was absent from the meeting?”

However, he assured the second ULMWP Summit, “For me this meeting is more important than the MSG Summit.

“Because it is a meeting to represent the unity for the people of West Papua for the self-determination of the people of West Papua”.

Minister Regenvanu challenged ULMWP to learn from Vanuatu’s political history.

“Vanuatu became independent because we formed a political grouping called Vanua’aku Pati and everybody got behind it to become independent. In fact without it, we would not have become independent,” he said.

“I am pleading with you to refocus this organisation which was formed here in Port Vila (in 2014). Rebuild, reunite, restrategise and with a truly united movement representing all Melanesians of West Papua, and one which is responsive and strategic and smart, we can achieve what we all want to help the Vanuatu Government to do better the next time.

“The Vanuatu Government is helping you but this is your struggle. We are your backup but we can’t set the direction for you. So please help us to help you.”

Vanuatu’s first former Roving Ambassador and a former Prime Minister Barak Sope, was the Second Speaker. “We struggled for our freedom from Britain (and France),” he said.

“Despite that happened now (to adopt West Papua as latest full member of MSG), the struggle must continue until victory is certain. We fully support the statement of Mr. Regenvanu that united we stand, divided we fall. Vanuatu will continue support the struggle of the people of West Papua.

“We’ve always taken the stand that West Papua should have been the first Melanesian country to become independent.

“The first Speaker of Parliament (of West Papua) Ayamiseba stayed with us here. He told us everything that happened. How Holland the colonial power sold the people of West Papua, how the United States and Australia also sold the West Papuan people.

“And how the United Nations sold the people of West Papua.

“So we must never accept how Indonesia came in and stole your freedom.

“The reason for their presence is because of West Papua’s resources and not because of us the Melanesians.

“They are stealing (Melanesian resources). They are stealing our lands, they are stealing our trees, and they are stealing our gold so the struggle must continue for West Papua victory is certain!”

The ceremony was closed with a prayer from the Vanuatu Christian Council.

A Melanesian custom ceremony followed. It was coordinated by the Chairman of the Council of Chiefs of West Papua referred to as “Chief Tommy”.

Witnessed by the Interim President of ULMWP, Mr. Benny Wenda and his delegates and custom chiefs of Efate, the ceremony ended in the Melanesian way with the presentation of three live pigs, food, kava and mats to the Government, Vaturisu and VFWPA.

Source: VDP

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