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Only Two Traps labelled “MEMO” That MSG Leaders and Politicians Need to Escape to Win West Papua

General Amunggut Tabi of West Papua Army Responds to MSG Leaders' Decision Appointing Hon. Rabuka and Hon. Marape as MSG Envoy on West Papua

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Fiji Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka delivers a speech to Australia’s Lowy Institute in Canberra, Oct. 17, 2023.

Responding to the appointment of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Caucus on West Papua that appointed the Prime Minister of Fiji, Hon Sitiveni Rabuka and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Hon. James Marape as Special Envoy of the MSG to Indonesia, on the issue of West Papua Human Rights Violations and the struggle for self-determination in the region since 1960s, General Amunggut Tabi warns all Melanesian politicians and leaders as well as community in general to watch carefully, with extra care on the two traps that Indonesia has been using since the beginning of the Indonesian existence, and even since the existence of Malay culture.

Two Traps Code: MEMO (Meri – Moni)

“These two traps are embed into the ‘being-ness’ of the Malay culture, but more apparent and commonly in Indonesia, particularly in dealing with Melanesian peoples.

They know two things about Melanesia: (1) They know we are financially poor, and (2) They know we like white-skin woman, dearly.

I have been reading so many secret-documents produced by Indonesian secret agents’ reports to their officers and most of the black-holes among Melanesian leaders are “meri na moni”.

General Tabi continued explaining how details the build profiles for every Melanesian leaders across the South Pacific. Every leader has one separate files with one person (officer) responsible for building the profiling. In other words, they hold very clear map and photos of all Melanesian leaders.

General Tabi explains they also have maps of regions, communities, tribes and provinces, with detailed information on key figures whom they can contact and build trust and cooperate and then spread the bad news about West Papua and the independence movement in general, but also specifically they spread rumours and gossips about individual West Papuan leaders who live abroad, inside West Papua and also in the jungles.

General Tabi re-iterates that there are other traps they use for Polynesian and Micronesian leaders, western and other Asian leaders, but the traps for Melanesian peoples is labelled, MEMO.

They know simply that when Melanesian leaders are offered with Woman and Money, then they will suddenly shut their mouths, say thank you, and will kiss you to the feet.

MEMO Operations in Detail

Let us continue with how Indonesia use MEMO Trap to trap, arrest, and finally kill many Melanesian leaders.

  1. First of all, they will greet you humbly, and they will sell “big smile”. Please! Not to be fooled with big smile, as they are killers of Melanesian peoples in West Papua and East Timor in the last 60 years. What is the meaning of your killer when he/she smiles at you?
  2. Secondly, they will pay everything for you. They will serve you, they will pay your hotels, tickets, hire car, and even pay things that you normally don’t consider payable.
  3. Third, they will offer you women, freely, without you asking them, free of charge.
  4. Finally, they will cary out “FEAR” operation on you. YOU WILL BE TRAPPED INSIDE THE “fear” cultivated, generated and nurtured during your stay with Indonesia. And you will die with this “fear” in your heart and mind.

Fear of what?

  • Fear of your wife and people back home know that you have slept with Indonesian women, not just one but so many

  • Fear that is inside your heart as a Melanesian and Christian, blaming you for doing what you have done. Fear to confess because it has consequences. You feel you have to say or do something for your Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua, but you are trapped, no way out.

  • Fear that Indonesians might kill you anytime, anywhere, anyhow. This is the most disturbing fear you will carry on your shoulder as long as you live.

3 Things Indonesia Wants to Ensure YOU to do to Succeed in MEMO Operations

There are only three (3) things that they want you to do, so that their “Memo” operations to be successful:

  1. First, you (Melanesian leaders) just send bureaucrats, politicians, governors, ministers to meet the Indonesian officials, not top leaders.
    They know that these bureaucrats are underpaid, have so many needs and wants that have never been satisfied when they hold positions in governments in Melanesia. Therefore, they will get chances to make their dreams come to reality.
    They know that it is easier to “BUY OFF” bureaucrats then top leaders. We avoid to mentioned those names, who were previously honest, direct and open about West Papua issue, but after Indonesia came or after they came to Indonesia, they shut their mouths or changed their tones. Examples are many here in Port Moresby alone.
  2. Secondly, they want you (Melanesian leaders) to come and meet separately, individually, at different times. They will make so many excuses when we propose meetings collectively. They are inherently thiefves They have stolen so many Islands that are now called as Indonesian country, including western half of New Guinea Island. So inherently, thieves do not do things in public. They always want to do things one by one, secretly, privately. They sneak in and operate. They want you to be alone, and then can play with you.
  3. Thirdly, and most important of the other two above, they want you to come individually and WITHOUT YOUR WIFE. This is the worst trap. Almost 99% of Melanesian leaders have been killed by this trap and they have changed many things after they met Indonesia.They will try their best for Melanesian leaders to come alone, without wives, because they are experts in providing 1 night wives, two nights wives, and many nights wives. They will provide you minimum of 2 women inside your hotel room. That is for sure. If you have gone alone, you must confess. If you don’t, well God knows it. We call all Melanesian countries are Christian Countries and therefore, the leaders are Christian leaders by religion and by identification cards and passports.  But so many of our leaders are corrupt leaders. We don’t respect our women, we don’t fear God.

    Worse of all, Indonesians know that we Melanesians like white-girls Asian girls.

    What is more?

    They will offer you better services, better women, better number of women, and finally, at no cost.

5 Rules to avoid be trapped into MEMO Operations

Indonesia, well a Chinese born Indonesia helped Sukarno formulated based on Chinese’s Five Elements of Life, the 5 Golden Rules of Indonesia. General Tabi presents 5 Golden Rules to avoid MEMO Operations.

It is easy now to see how we Melanesians avoid from being all bought-off by Indonesian politics.

  1. Rule One: Always bring your wife / husband / partner when meeting with Indonesia, wherever and whenever it is. This is a MUST for all Melanesian leaders. In other words, DON’T meet any Indos individually,
  2. Rule Two: Always bring your interpreter/ bodyguard, or secretary who prays for you day and night. Not dunk-heads, not womanizers, not unbelievers. DON’T get accustomed to geeting around alone, especially when meeting the Indos. Even when you have wives/ husbands/ partners, you still need person(s) who accompany you around: body-guard, Holy Spirit, …
  3. Rule Three: You yourself pray a lot before meeting Indonesia. Don’t depend on Melanesian legacy or custom, but depend on God as the Only Solution and Answer.Remember that when West Papua is occupied, it means Melanesia is occupied. When Melanesians in West Papua are killed, it means Melanesians are killed. We are Melanesians. We are doing good deed for our own selves, our image, our identity our God-created image that we have to prevent from being obliterated.
    Remember that West Papuan occupation means the power of darkness, the power or terrorism and jihadist have conquered and occupying West Papua. This is not just a political issue, this is spiritual battle, in the religious perspective this move is against Islamic Crusade across the South Pacific region.
  4. Rule Four: Always meet Indonesian peoples on working hours, day time. Night or dark time is the time for evil operate freely. Remember that the biggest spirit farming activities happen in Indonesia. They look after and farm spirits that they call “JIN”, and they use them carry out operations. More effective operations carried out by these JINS when the sun is down. If you are a man of prayer, then any time is okay, but if you are politician, it is strongly advised to meet when the sun is shining.
  5. Rule Five: DO NOT, AVOID, REFUSE when the Indonesians give you anything to consume, be it sweets, drinks, cigarettes, coca-cola. Remember, many Catholic and Protestant Priests in West Papua, many political leaders, many government officers died in West Papua due to the poisoning of something goes into their mouths.Right now, they have developed poisons by air, smell, breathing. But we believe this is more difficult as it is not easy to control what time and to prevent sudden deaths on the meeting table, they will avoid this.

    But with food, drinks, and sweets, it will take some time to take effect. You must be assured that they do something before they present them to you.

Closing statement

Any Melanesian leaders can email us at info@wantoknews.com or info@westpapuaarmy.com

General Tabi will come back and talk more topics and also elaborate more details regarding the MEMO operations. Right now this information is crucial and presented to both Prime Minister of Fiji, Honourable Elder Sitiveni Rabuka and PNG Prime Minister, Honourable James Marape in order to take into account and carry out their good work.

One thing is definite, to sustain and survive as Melanesians, we need to be wise and at the same time clever. We have God as our protector and power, we just need clean heart, and clean paths towards a United States of Melanesian Tribes.

Salute to Elder Sitiveni Rabuka, Salute to Brother James Marape. Salute to the Leadership of Vanuatu, particularly Hon. Ralph Regenvanu. We all know that God is with us. We are on the right paths. By avoiding these loop-holes, we will get there: A Free, Independent, Peaceful Melanesia!

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