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Active Indonesian Military and Police Personnel Attended MACFEST 2023 in Port Vila

Presenting DIrect Threat to Vanuatu Sovereignty and Security Issues

by admin

West Papua Central Intelligence Services (WPCIS) has reported there are a number of active military and police personnel have accompanied delegation from Indonesia.

The report says only about 4 peoples are civilians, and the rest are security personnel, well trained by foreign military aid from Australia and USA. From photos submitted to Melanesia News Network of PAPUApost.com Group indicate clearly those persons were active in military and police uniforms, some carrying out exercises.

Based on experiences in West Papua since 1961, all Indonesian civilian government officials in West Papua are monitored and accompanied by minimum one police or military personnel on daily basis. State protocols oblige Melanesians who work within Indonesian bureaucracy to say nothing. If they do say something, they will be threatened or their job be removed without any clear explanation or with fault or made-up accusations. The most outstanding examples are imprisonments of Barnabas Suebu and Lukas Enembe respectively, both Governors of Papua Province, arrested arbitrarily, personal belongings been confiscated without due legal processes or without trial with court order.

Based on experiences in West Papua, many Melanesian leaders in West Papua have been killed, both openly and through under-cover operations in churches, hospitals and schools. Many leaders like Arnlod C. Ap, Theys Eluay and Mako Tabuni were murdered and everyone knows about the killing. Leaders like Thomas W. Wainggai, Neles Tebay, August Alua, Ottow Wospakrik, and many others have died being poisoned by Indonesian operatives.

Equally, many Members of Parliament in Papua New Guinea. Please click here to read google searched news articles that list down many MPs in Papua New Guinea have lost their lives just in recent 5 years. Sudden death and illogical and unexpected incidents and accidents have caused many leaders in New Guinea island lost their lives.

Have you ever heard any news like this in Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky. Do you want to hear it? Yes if you want, just invite Indonesia to come in, they will slowly but surely carry open clean-sweep operations, and they will kill off all strong-holts of Melanesia-hood and Melanesia-ism. They will make sure there is no one in Melanesia is against Indonesia.

Allowing them to enter our Melanesian countries is the same is inviting them to kill us and finally wipe us out. Surely, their islands are over-populated, therefore, definitely they need more islands. To do this, they must wipe-out all non-Indos and non-Malays across South Pacific region.

Melanesian leaders who brought in Indonesia in West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Kanaky are the ones responsible for the blood shed and sufferings of Melanesians across our region.

Invitation for Indonesia to attend 7th MACFEST (Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival) in Vanuatu is surely a suicidal political act that has directly poised danger to the lives of so many ni-Vanuatu, particularly supporters of West Papua independence movement, strong politicians and customary elders.

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