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VT18M for Independence Celebration

By Anita Roberts Jul 11, 2023

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The Government has appropriated VT18 million for the nation-wide independence celebration on July 30, just less than three weeks away.

Of this figure, just above VT5 million will be shared to each province including the municipalities of Port Vila, Luganville and Lenakel. Funds will also be shared to Vanuatu Student Associations abroad.

2023 marks 43 years after Vanuatu was freed from colonisation. Participants of the 7th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival (MACFEST) will be joining the main celebration in Port Vila, which is usually marked with a flag-raising ceremony, military parade and a speech by the Prime Minister to the nation.

An organising committee has been set up by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Rick Tchamako Mahe, to plan and organise the annual celebration across the country. Headed by the Deputy Town Clerk as the Chairman and the Acting Director of the Department of Local Authorities (DoL) as the Deputy Chair, the committee has already been briefing the minister.

Some of the Melanesian cultural performances will be incorporated into the program, which is being developed by the committee.

Acting Director General (DG) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Leith Veremaito, said preparations for the one-day celebration in Port Vila has already begun with the installation of solar street lights a long the main street at Independence Park at a cost of less than VT10 million.

The idea is to ignite the spirit of independence and eventually give a proper landscaping of the independence precinct and reinforce its purpose, he said.

Launching of these solar street lights, around 50, will be happening soon.

The Acting DG said a request has been made to the Public Service Commission (PSC) for public servants to participate in a half-day clean-up in Port Vila and Luganville prior to the Independence Day celebration and MACFEST as well, which opens on Wednesday next week.

The Victory Parade for the 43rd Independence Anniversary is planned for July 21, after the opening of MACFEST.

Minister Mahe will declare the nation’s wide Independence celebrations open in his address after the Victory Parade.

“Yumi Talem, Yumi Mekem, Yumi Luk” is the theme of this year’s independence celebration, according to the Acting DG.

He urged residents to proudly display the red, green, black and yellow colors of the Vanuatu flag to stir up a sense of identity and national pride.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

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