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PNG Foreign Policy – Is West Papua a Quasi State?

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WPA HQs 1 July 2023, Celebrating Independence Declaration July 1st, 1971

WPA HQs 1 July 2023, Celebrating Independence Declaration July 1st, 1971

On 8 January 2007, in the British House of Lords, Lord Harries of Pentregarth rose to ask her Majesty’s government what representations they were making to further the independence of West Papua.

This was a snap – shot, sequel of drama on West Papua. And, the currency of vocabulary on decolonization in general, and in particular the ‘ frozen conflict’ that describes the West Papua issue incurred interest among members of the international system.
It already began in Great Britain. During a Commonwealth Office Briefing, now publicly available, it became known that the people of West Papua or West Irian had no desire to be ruled by the Indonesians who were of an alien ( Javanese) race.
The US response to the West Papua issue is underlined by intervention from the Committee on International Relations at the US House of Representatives. It has already included the West Papua case in a bill( HR 2601) on the State Department Authorisation Act for 2006. The bill was passed by the Committee on June 9 2005. It still needs to be passed by Senate.
The bill highlights ten points or findings about West Papua. It is argued that this is also the position of the wider international community. The cue is from the US House and Senate.
In the US Congress and Senate the international lobby for West Papua reached new heights twice. First, in 2005. Then, 2010.
MSG has the necessary prompt, and support globally to grant full membership status to West Papua. It means the tide of history has changed.
According to Montevideo Convention, place becomes a state when it has: (1) a defined territory;(2) a permanent population;(3) a government; and,(4) the capacity to enter into relations with other states.
Meeting all of these fulfills the declarative theory of state.
It follows that the referendum – constitution method being the other theory of how nations should form.
MSG has taken 5 years already to deliberate on the application by ULMWP for West Papua to become full member of the sub – regional political grouping.
The decision, if, and when it happens, will cause Indonesia to compete the decolonization process.
Referendum. Or, take the next course. In the case of Chagos Island, the International Court of Justice ordered Britain to complete the decolonization process.
May God bless West Papua. As, we forgive.

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