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President Nikenike Calls for National Prayer and Fasting

This is the best example for all Melanesian leaders

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The President of the Republic of Vanuatu, Nikenike Vurobaravu, has issued a compelling call to the entire population of Vanuatu to unite in prayer and fasting for the nation today.

In light of the ongoing challenges facing the country, President Vurobaravu stresses the urgency of this collective spiritual endeavor.

President Vurobaravu acknowledges the longstanding tradition of prayer and fasting within Vanuatu’s church communities, families, and individuals, particularly during times of hardship. He expresses full support for this sacred practice, viewing it as a means to seek divine intervention for the welfare of the nation.

The call to prayer and fasting is directed to all sectors of leadership across Vanuatu, including spiritual leaders, government officials, institutional heads, traditional chiefs, and heads of family units. President Vurobaravu urges these leaders to mobilise their respective communities for this joint endeavor, noting the importance of seeking divine guidance and support.

Furthermore, President Vurobaravu extends the call to every citizen of Vanuatu, regardless of their stature, to participate in the National 24Seven Prayer Cycle. He commented on the need for unity under the nation’s motto, “In God We Stand,” urging citizens to place their full trust in God as the ultimate source of peace, strength, and direction for the nation’s future.

In this season of corporate prayer and fasting, President Vurobaravu calls upon all citizens to humble themselves before God, seeking His guidance and blessings for Vanuatu’s prosperity and well-being.

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