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Take lesson out of visit: Rabuka


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THE greatest benefit the Pacific can get from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit is that it is one of the fastest growing economies in traditional and modern culture, says Fijian Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka.

Rabuka said Modi’s visit meant that the world was aware of the situation and aspirations in the Pacific.

“Indians are way ahead and still understand their roots.

“But when we talk about our development problems, they seem to be fully aware and sympathise with us,” Rabuka said.

Rabuka studied and underwent military training in India.

He wanted the idea of a Pacific Commonwealth expanded.

Prime Minister James Marape said India and the Pacific shared common history because “we came out from being ruled by colonial nations”. He said as an emerging nation, he had been working on introducing a concept called the third realm.

“This is the third force in the global geopolitics and also emerging and global economies,” he said,

“It is not just about the context of east and west nations today, but south-south nations which are the emerging nations.”

Marape said these nations came out of the powerful block of trade, commerce, technology, import and export relations.

“India’s economy is big and ranked the fifth biggest economy, expected to be ranked fourth or third in this decade,” Marape said.

“Their capacity ranges from basic technology to satellite age technology.

“With India’s range and product, nations like us can tap into and inseminate a much easier and faster way to advance technology as soon as possible.”

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