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Kilman Leads New Gov’t

By Hilaire Bule Sep 5, 2023

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The national Parliament of Vanuatu elected the Member of Parliament (MP) for Malekula Constituency and the President of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Sato Kilman, as the country’s new Prime Minister (PM) last night, following a month of political crisis.

Mr. Kilman secured 27 votes in his favor, while the outgoing PM, Ishmael Kalsakau, received 23 votes. This decision came as a significant development in the midst of Vanuatu’s political turmoil.

Vanuatu’s Parliament comprises 52 seats, but the absence of the President of the National United Party (NUP), Bruno Leingkone, who is in Korea for medical treatment, and one vacant seat in the Malekula constituency, reduced the effective count to 50 MPs present during the session, including the Speaker, Seoule Simeon. However, following the upcoming by-elections in Malekula this week on Thursday, the absolute majority of MPs will be 27, which Mr. Kilman was able to secure.

Mr. Kilman is no stranger to the position of Vanuatu’s PM. He was previously elected PM on December 2010, November 2012 and June 2015. Additionally, Mr. Kilman has held various ministerial portfolios, including Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, and Leader of the Opposition.

His most recent position before becoming the new PM was Deputy PM and Minister of Lands, from which he was terminated by Mr. Kalsakau.

Notably, Mr. Kilman’s PPP was a part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed at the Aquana camp, which ultimately led to Mr. Kalsakau’s election as the new PM on November 4, 2022, following the snap election triggered by the dissolution of parliament by the then PM, Loughman, at the request of the Council of Ministers (COM).

In a media conference at the Parliament House just hours before his election yesterday, Mr. Kilman expressed his commitment to establishing a stable government that addresses the needs of the entire nation.

He pledged, “I can assure you that the new government will try its best to ensure that we reflect a government that will look after the whole country.

“As the new PM, I can assure everyone that I will do my very best to communicate with other political leaders to bring an end to instability in Vanuatu.”

Following his appointment as PM, Mr. Kilman announced his cabinet, which included notable figures such as Bob Loughman as Deputy PM and Minister of Lands, Johnny Koanapo as Finance Minister, James Bule as Minister of Justice, and John Still Tari Qetu as Minister of Sports. Other key appointments included Samuel Kalpoilep as Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry, and Biosecurity, Jay Ngwele as Public Utilities Minister, Samsen Samson as Minister of Trade, Ulrich Sumptoh as Minister of Climate Change, Anthony Iauko as Minister of Internal Affairs, Silas Bule as Minister of Education, Joshua Pikioune as Minister of Health, and Marc Ati returning to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the Opposition’s press conference before the parliamentary session, the former Leader of the Opposition, MP Loughman, noted that Mr. Kilman’s extensive experience in the role of PM made him their preferred candidate for the position.

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