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Minister Promotes Unity at Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival

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The 7th Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival (MACFEST) kicked off with an inspiring welcome from Vanuatu’s Minister for Culture, John Still Tari Qetu, who emphasised the significance of cultural events in promoting understanding and peace.

In his address on behalf of the Government and people of Vanuatu, Minister Qetu warmly welcomed all participants to the festival, expressing his pleasure in hosting visitors from various places. He highlighted the festival’s purpose, stating, “We gather here in Port Vila to celebrate the richness and diversity of our Melanesian cultures, embrace the beauty of our differences, and foster understanding and unity among us all.”

The Minister underscored the importance of culture, describing it as the essence of individual identity, community heritage, and national pride. He emphasised that cultural events like MACFEST offer a unique opportunity for dialogue, exchange, and collaboration, where people can learn from one another and grow together.

Minister Qetu stressed the significance of embracing diversity and respecting one another’s differences, which leads to a harmonious and inclusive society. Through traditional experiences shared at the festival, he believes people will gain a deeper understanding of one another, fostering mutual respect and admiration.

Expressing his gratitude to all individuals and organisations involved in making the event possible, the Minister commended their passion for culture and dedication to fostering unity. He also thanked the local and international guests for their participation, believing that it strengthens the connections that bridge cultures across borders.

Qetu called on everyone to embrace the spirit of the cultural event and seize the opportunity to learn, appreciate, and celebrate the diverse histories of cultures. He envisioned a future where cultural understanding and harmony prevail, preserving this rich heritage for generations to come.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

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