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Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi Invites Indonesian Christians to Join Free West Papua Campaign

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When Condemning the Islamic Terrorist Bombing in Makassar, Indonesia this morning, Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi says, “barbaric, inhuman, degrading humanity and act of immoral and uncivilized deed.”

General Tabi says Indonesian Christians and Christians all over the world should now consider to support West Papua Independence, as West Papua today already has

  1. Its Constitution called the 2020 Constitution of West Papua
  2. Its Provisional Government or the Provisional Government of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, with Hon. Benny Wenda as the Interim President and his Cabinet Departments and Ministers will be announced soon.
  3. Its Global Recognition by 84 nation-states, and as member of the MSG (Melanesian Spearhead Group)
  4. Its primary mission to Win Indonesia for Jesus Christ through its special Ministers that will be tasked to win Indonesia under special Cabinet ministers under the government.

General Tabi also reiterated that Melanesian countries should be aware that what is happening in Indonesia has direct impacts into Melanesian territories as West Papua is right now occupied by Indonesian colonial power, which means terrorist elements are already spreading into Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Fiji, and starting to enter Kanaky and Vanuatu in recent years.

The most worrying fact for General Tabi and all West Papua independence fighters is that many Melanesian leaders regard and treat Indonesia as a democratic country, undermining the matter of fact that Indonesia has killed more than 500,000 Melanesian Christians in West Papua in the names of Malay race and Islam Religion. They do not realize that Islamic expansion into Melanesia is already happening in West Papua and the highlands of Papua New Guinea and it will son spread across all over Melanesian countries.

General Tabi adds Melanesians in West Papua cannot do this work alone. This is a mix of Christian call and Melanesian call. All Melanesians should defend our collective home-land called “New Guinea Island”. All Christians in the World should also act now to defend our faith in front of expansive and militaristic Islamic Jihadist and militias under the name of sovereignty, national international law, economic cooperation and regional security, sacrificing our ethnic, racial and religious identities and calls. We invite all of you to join Free West Papua Campaign, to Free Melanesia, to Free our Christian brothers and sisters.


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