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After Killing Tens of Catholic Priests, This Month Only 8 Papuan-Indos Officials Killed

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Pastor Yeremia Zanambani and His Killer, TNI Army Personnel

Pastor Yeremia Zanambani and His Killer, TNI Army Personnel

From the Central Defense Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) we remind all human beings around the world that the Unitary Republic of Indonesia using patterns of poisoning and black magic to kill off many Melanesian leaders in West Papua in the hadns of Malay-Indo Muslims.

We therefore, urge everyone in the world to see this fact.

First, in the month of November every year, we call it Gray November for Melanesians here, as since the kidnapping and assasination of Dorthes Hiyo Eluay, Revolutionary Tribal Elder on 10-11 November 2001, there has been a series of November killings ever since. The month of November every year should be noted and all Melanesians from Raja Ampat in West Papua to Wallis-Futuna in the eastern part of Melanesia to live carefully. Indonesia is all over the world, it carries out assassinations of many leaders supporting West Papua independence.

Today, 17 November 2020 we note the death of former President of Ghana, who has been supportive to Free West Papua Campaign.
Some days ago, 14 November, 2020, the Regent of Nduga Regency, West Papua highlands was poisoned to death in Jakarta, and his fellow tribesmen are demanding for thourough investigation into his misterious and sudden death.

We remind of all Melanesian and Pacific Islands’ leaders to be careful in this month and in the month of Augtus every year, that Indonesian black magic goes around the world, wildly, hungry of souls, with no mercy. We have to be careful with where we sleep, what we eat, what we drink. Avoid being so loose with any Indonesian servants, workers or employees around you, because they are paid by their country to be there, pretending serving you, but actually they are well-trained killers.

These killers from Indonesia and some from Papua New Guinea Wewak and Vanimo villages are operating across Melanesia to carry out dead penalties to those Melanesians supporting West Papua independence.

Secondly, we remind you that when you feel ill, you must invite our Melanesian priests and pastors and our Melanesian shamans, not go to the hospitcal. If you are sure with the hospital, you need to ensure that there is no Indonesian nurse or doctor or medical worker around, or in the country. If there is, then you need to stop going to hospitals or clinics with any reason at all.

These killers are trained with various poisons to kill of Melanesians.

First, the attack you with black-magic, and secondly, when you come to hospitals, they put your breat to an end, and you will be confirmed dead.

The only way that we know to overcome this phenomena is to pray to God, in Jesus Christ. Pray in the power of the blood of Jesus only we are saved and we can be cured from any black magin, zanggoma, santet, dukun, pelet, satan, or any white magic.

We have been practicing this in West Papua.

8 Melanesian Leaders Killed by Indonesia This Month

8 Melanesian Leaders Killed by Indonesia This Month

First of all “pray to God, in Jesus Name!” Every time, whatever you do, whatever you eat or drink, always use “In the Name of Jesus Christ, in the power of the blood of Jesus”. Bless the food or drink before consuming. Bless the chair or bed before use. Bless, and bless in the name of Jesus.

There is no single power in the world, even the black magic from the number one shaman in Indonesia can defeat the name and blood of Jesus. Totally no one.

Secondly, always read bible verses. If possible memorize and read those Bible verses.

Thirdly, make certain days for regular fasting days. For me, I fast half meal on Friday, fast meal only on Saturday, and fast everything on Sunday morning, sometimes only morning to afternoon, and have meal or drink in the late afternoon.

  • In the name of Jesus, the power of Indonesia will be defeated!
  • In the name of Jesus, the black magic from Indonesia will be defeated.
  • In the blood of Jesus, the fall down Indonesia, dismantle Indonesia, destroy the black magic and the Islamic Kingdom of Indonesia today.
  • In the blood of Jesus, I declare the fall of the biggest satanic country in the world: Indonesia.

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