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Congratulations: Papua New Guinea and Melanesia are Into the World Politics and Economy

by mnews

Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby, as the biggest capital city across Melanesia has successfully held the biggest international event in Melanesian history, ‘the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit)”.

Peter O’Neill has been famous for his “politics of engagement” approach along his leadership. He is not a confrontation and assertive as previous leaders in the Isle of New Guinea. Leaders in this Island so far are not like this particular man and leader. He is a leader and a person that enjoys the game when other leaders are “engaged” in any issues and businesses. He has just shown this in Port Moresby, his capital city last weekend.

Now every Melanesian should celebrate. Every Melanesian country should be proud of. Every indigenous government the South Pacific Region should be proud and hopeful that the change has come, and the changes will continue to happen, until the South Pacific Island countries become prosperous and powerful across the globe. Today this region is  the centre of attention of the world economy and tomorrow it will be the game canger and will be so for years to come.The era of European empire has ended. The era of North America empire has ended at the end of 2008. The era of Chinese empire ended 2000 years ago, but it is rising today. The era of South Pacific Islands representing the Negros of the world has come. And we are proud, we are ready, we are grateful for it.

Two Sides Benefit from the APEC Summit: Melanesians and USA, Australia, China, Indonesia

Two sides benefit from this biggest event in Melanesian history.First for PNG, secondly for Melanesian peoples and countries, third for South Pacific Nations in general, and secondly for different parts of the world as the Isle of New Guinea is rich in her natural resources to be exploited.

What Melanesians Got Out the APEC Summit

First one, Melanesian peoples and countries now feel that “we are part of the world, part of the global planet Earth economy”. Countries like China, USA, and European countries are not too far and separated from us in the South Pacific, but we are all one and inter-connected. Socio-culturally, first the people in the Isle of New Guinea now feels we are part of the global economy.

Not only that, we now also feel, we are not just Melanesian tribes who happen to come to know this world and watch what is happening. But we are not taking part in all world affairs, about our needs and wants, related to our plans and ambitions.

We also feel today, after he APEC, that the world is going to listen to us, they have a better clue about who we are. Many issues lingering in the region: Bougainvillea, New Caledonia, West Papua, global warming, sinking islands will now be better understood and therefore will be responded appropriately. In short, as Peter O’Neill is famous for,, the politics of engagement with the global leaders has been started.

Now the opportunity is available for all Melanesian leaders, from West Papua to Wallis-Futuna Islands, to play our parts in order to further engage with world leaders in advancing our countries, freeing our country, protecting our nature, saving lives from being sunk into the sea.

The myths of Port Moresby as the city of rascals and gangs, Papua New Guinea is now annulled. The Island of New Guinea and the people on the Islands as savages cannibals, who are part of stone-aged who cannot be engaged with the world leaders and therefore, they are best occupied, led, and organised by foreign powers and governments are now completely DELETED.

We have proclaimed to the world that

  • We Melanesians are are human beings just like you all, created by God, and placed in our own Islands
  • We Melanesians are modern human beings, we are ready to engage with the world, in all aspects of our lives
  • Therefore, let us walk together in this path of our human history, together as human race, achieve what we want to achieve, without mis-conception, misunderstanding and “underestimation”

What China is Doing and Getting

What China is doing is very simple, “China is saying, we are not Westerners, and therefore, we do our things in our own way.” What is our own way? Our own way is our Asian Way, Melanesian Way, African Way.

One thing that all colonised nations in the world should learn from China and Thailand at some extend is that they have “Not Slave Mentality”, that is to say, the mentality of colonised peoples. They are free from it, they do not have any stain of colonialism stuck in their DNA of political and economic policies. This is why the colonisers like the USA, Europe, Australia are always confused and concerned about what China is doing. That is why everything that China does is always monitored and counter-acted by these colonial countries.

One thing for sure that we all Melanesians should remember is that China never colonised anybody in the world, no single Melanesian has ever been colonised by China, even though Melanesia has been engaging with China for thousands of years. They have been coming and going, just for the sake of doing business. They never came along, take over our land, and set up new countries like what Europeans have done in the Americas, Australia and Africa.

China is telling us all Melanesians that “as the big brother”, I know what you need, and I will share what I have. China is not doing anything against anyone. That is why Xi Jipping says “No hidden agenda” in this APEC Summit.

What Western Allies are Getting out of APEC Summit in Port Moresby

Western countries basically want to tell Papua New Guinea and Melanesian leaders this

We own you! We can do much better than what China can do. We now you better. We have been friends since long time ago. We are the ones that have been assisting and funding you so long. And we will continue to do more, what’s more that you want me to do?

They have a clear attitude, their tone of language indicate they do own PNG and South Pacific and therefore China should step away from this region.

They are the masters, the colonizers and occupiers. They have a lot of damage to the world, and they will do the same in PNG and in the South Pacific in the name of development aid and foreign aid.

What ASEAN Countries Got from this Event

ASEAN countries, particularly Indonesia has now realized fully that PNG and Papuan peoples, including those in the part of the region it occupies, not savages cannibals whose interests are in tribal wars and head-hunting. They realised that Papuans are civilised modern human beings, who already engaging with the world, and will exercise “the politics of engagement” of Peter O’Neill in various aspect and issues in the region.

Countries like Malaysia and the Philippines are present to offer whatever they can offer in order to build our economies as economically developing nations

At least the Philippines government signed agreement to develop rice production in Papua New Guinea. Indonesia is trying to export rice from Maroke, that was the signal the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo showed when he flew direct from Maroke to Port Moresby. However, there was no official follow up other than a few military facilities and police training contributed by Indonesia.Well, economically PNG is richer than Indonesia by the way, but we New Guineans have inferiority complex, thinking that those lighter skin than us are richer than ourselves.

Malaysia has so many business deals with PNG and therefore, there is no more deals to be signed.

Indonesia’s logging companies led by its military intelligence and special forces in West Sepik and East Sepik Provinces still continue, even though its grip on Papua – Indonesia (Papindo) Store is about go go bankrupt due to various factors, but primarily it has no support from the government anymore as it enjoyed during Michael Somare leadership for decades. Bangladeshi companies have taken over supermarkets in Papua New Guinea.

Indonesia is planning to supply electricity to Sandaun Province, along the border between West Papua and PNG. But still, this is just a plan.

No one really knows, not one thing is clear, Indonesia is loosing grip on this part of the Island.

So what?

Papua New Guinea is the biggest Melanesian modern nation-state, and Port Moresby is the biggest capital city of all Melanesians. That says a lot.

All non-Melanesians are aware that the South Pacific, starting from West Papua to Samoa is the focus of the world attention right now. We are being highlighted but we do not know ourselves. We are being monitored and many things are being done to make us cooperate with them, but we think they are bringing aid and funding for our countries. We thank them a lot, but they are not just coming and giving away their money just for us Melanesians. They are planning for their own future. What we should do is to tell them what to do, not allowing them do whatever they want.

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