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Govt unhappy with Rumbiak’s comment

by mnews
West Papuan pro-independence campaigner Jacob Rumbiak. [Photo credit: www.wakaphotos.com]

West Papuan pro-independence campaigner Jacob Rumbiak. [Photo credit: www.wakaphotos.com]

The Government has expressed dismay at attempts by West Papualeader Jacob Rumbiak, to interfere and meddle in the country’s national affairs.
In a statement on Tuesday the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) said it strongly disproves the action of Mr Rumbiak.
It disputed the allegations, opinions, and interference by Mr Rumbiak in our national affairs, politics and foreign policies of Solomon Islands, a sovereign State, through the media.
“Mr Rumbiak’s comments were purposely made to incite division in the leadership of the SIDCCG that is based on the issue of West Papua,” the statement added.
“This misguided intent by a foreigner to attempt to divide and undermine the standing and solidarity of a legitimate government through the media will not succeed,” the statement said.
“Mr Rumbiak has no right to tell the people of Solomon Islands who should be their Prime Minister, nor does he has the right to determine who the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands should be.”
Solomon Islands is a sovereign nation and only Solomon Islanders can determine who should be their Prime Minister and that can only happen through the democratic election process, the statement added.
“If he thinks that he can come secretly into Solomon Islands when the Prime Minister is out of the country, purposely to create division and disharmony in the Government and amongst Solomon Islanders, then he better think again,” it said.
The statement added Solomon Islands has diplomatic relations with the Republic of Indonesia which was formalized in July 1983.
“A Solomon Islands Diplomatic Mission was established in Jakarta on 5 August, 2014. This Mission was operational during the previous DCCG government, continuing on with the present SIDCCG government.”
It added that as an upstanding member of the United Nations, Solomon Islands upholds the tenets of international relations enshrined in the United Nations Charter, including those on respect of sovereignty and non-interference.
“Solomon Islands has always acknowledged that West Papua is an integral part of Indonesia.  Solomon Islands also acknowledges that West Papua is one of five Melanesian regions in Indonesia.
“Solomon Islands will continue to pursue issues concerning
Source: SolomonStarNews

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