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Farmers learn kumara planting method

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TTM officers with some of the local farmers during the training.

TTM officers with some of the local farmers during the training.

MORE than 30 local farmers from Tetere area in North Guadalcanal have completed their one-day training, on Kumara planting method, last week.
The workshop was organized by Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) together with the local farmers of North Guadalcanal.
“I am happy to show you some new technique of planting kumara here,” Specialist of TTM Mr. Charles Huang said.
He added “your attendance today shows that you really need this training.”
“We will learn about Kumara management because this is a root crop for you people which is good, but needs your ability to manage it,” he pointed out.
He continued, “If you look after it properly, it will produce good fruits for you at the end and I know that you people here eat kumara more than rice therefore it is good to know some good methods to plant it so that it produces more for you to eat and sale,” says Mr. Huang.
Mr Huang said he learnt that local farmers usually plant five or more vines in a mount, which he said is a good method, but it will not produce good healthy fruits.
“This new method I teach you and practically demonstrated is you only have to planted one vine in a mount, which will allow the vine to grow up healthy and produce good kumara fruits,” he elaborated.
Local farmers also did some practice of planting kumara vines during the workshop.
At the end of the workshop training, Chief Samuel Basoi thanked TTM for rendering such training that will add value to the farming knowledge and skills of the people in the rural areas, particularly North Guadalcanal.
“You know, we depend entirely on Kumara more than rice so this training certainly means a lot to us, who rely on farming for income and household consumption,” Says Chief Basoi.
He finally stressed that they will continue to work together with TTM to acquire more knowledge and techniques in agriculture that will help them to be more productive in farming.
By LESLEY SANGA, SolomonStartNews

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