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Kalsakau: Government "On Shaky Ground"

by mnews

The Government is on shaky ground with the recent cabinet reshuffling, and talks of more reshuffling.
It is an indicator of political instability and diverts the focus on issues of national interest and development.
Leader of the Opposition MP Ishmael Kalsakau made the statement when he commented on the recent move by four Opposition MPs to defect to the Government side.

“I can confirm that four MPs who were on the Opposition side, decided to make a move to join the Government side,” the Leader of Opposition told Daily Post.

“They are MPs Sato Kilman, Don Ken, Samson Samsen, and Norris Jack. It is their constitutional right.”
MP Kalsakau said the Opposition is not concern about numbers, and it rather focuses on issues about people and development for the economic and social wellbeing of the people.
For this reason, and although the Opposition now has only eight or nine MPs in Parliament, it will focus on issues of national interest.
“If there is dissatisfaction within the Government ranks or coalition partners, then that is an issue for the government to sort itself out, but as far as the Opposition is concern, our focus is on the people and the development and wellbeing of our nation,” said Leader of Opposition, MP Kalsakau.
“Despite being small in numbers, we still maintain the role of the Opposition to ensure that we address national issues for and on behalf of the people, who cannot speak for themselves, and as well as point these out to the government.
“One of the important roles we will step up on, is the Parliamentary Accounts Committee, in which the Opposition holds the position as Chairman. We want to assure the public that the Opposition will tighten up on Parliamentary Accounts and spending.
“The tendency of motions of no confidence is rife from both sides of the House, not just the Opposition.
“I will not be surprise if there is another motion, it will not come from the Opposition but from within the Government itself, and again, maybe because of dissatisfaction within the government ranks and coalition partners, but the Opposition’s current focus is not on numbers.”

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