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MSG Actions Disgrace to Melanesia: Tarimanu

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  • By Godwin Ligo Feb 28, 2017, Daily Post


George Tarimanu, By Godwin Ligo

George Tarimanu, By Godwin Ligo

One of the Vanuatu former Senior Public Servant, Politician, customary chief and civil society leader, George Tarimanu, has come out publicly to express his views on the recent article on Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) carried by the Daily Post on February 24.
The article was about the MSG Secretariat being sued.
“It is a total disgrace to the Melanesian People and clearly shows that the MSG Leaders are no longer cooperating nor working together for the good name of the people of the Melanesian countries that the MSG is supposed to stand up for.

“This is not the way the founders fathers of the MSG would have liked to see this happen.
“Not only it has become a disgrace to the people of Melanesia, but it has also tarnished the good name of the MSG abroad and internationally,” says the man who, not only, has held many public and political post before, during and after independence, but is also a graduate from the Public Administration Institute in London, UK and was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, towards the end of the British and the French rule in the late 1970s.

“The MSG is a Melanesian institution which is highly regarded by the people of Melanesia as well as foreign governments around the world.
“But the latest internal developments within the Secretariat, especially the alleged treatment of the staff employment conditions, is an indication of the failure on the part of the MSG leaders in keeping close professional monitoring in the internal operations of the MSG.
“This is a total disgrace and a slap on the face of the MSG leaders,”

says Tarimanu.

He alleged that in his views, the MSG Leaders have failed to cooperate in the way the Melanesian leaders should, and instead, the past months have shown that the MSG leaders are divided on certain issues, giving example of the West Papua issue and application for full membership into the Melanesian Spearhead Group as well as the appointment of the Director General, which according to George Tarimanu, was a clear indication of divisions between the MSG Leaders.
“It is high time the MSG leaders set their differences behind, if there are such differences within the MSG leadership.
Member countries should step out into the Melanesian Nasara (public ground) and show the people of Melanesia and the world that they hold fast the vision founded by the fathers of the MSG,” he said.
He calls on the MSG Secretariat to get its house in order.

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