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Oridek Ap: R.I.P. Peter Kafiar

We have lost an elder, Bpk Peter Kafiar.

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We have lost an elder, Bpk Peter Kafiar.
He left all friends and family behind in West Papua to look for knowledge and a better future for his people. He has been living in the Netherlands since early ’60s. He was a member of the National Liberation Council (NLC).
Since 2002 he was a supporter and adviser of the Free West Papua Campaign (NL).
He was a man of few words, but always willing to help when asked for his advise.
We will miss his physical presence, but know that he will join our Legion of Fallen Heroes. We will carry his name in our hearts and struggle on.
Dear Uncle Peter,
Thank you very much for your love and patience. I can still remember the day we arrived in the Netherlands (I was 9 years old), you and aunty Adri gave us shelter and a safe home in the Hague. You spoiled me and my siblings with hot cholate milk during the cold dutch winter. And was always very patient, you knew that Indonesia killed our father so you wanted to give us love and a safe home..
Few weeks ago, you already said goodbye, you cried and held my hand tightly. No words, I looked in your eyes and understood what you wanted to say. I said ‘Het komt goed’, don’t worry everything is going to be alright, we will struggle on.
Your last firm handshake before I left for Melanesia. I knew you was already preparing for your journey.
Kasumasa nabor kaku, Thank you very much for your Fighting Spirit.
Araaa……Marandan bebye Imem.
On behalf of Arnold C. Ap family and
Free West Papua Campaign (NL) family.
Oridek Ap

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