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Indonesian Fascist Military and Terrorist Police Torturing Papuan Students in Nabire

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World Human Rights Day 2020

Westpapuanews.Org – Indonesia fascist military and terrorist police continuedly attacked West Papuans students peaceful rally for world Human Rights Day being brutal attacked by Indonesian racist military and police on this Thursday, 10/12/2020 in Nabire.

The peaceful rally commemorate the world Human Rights Day every years part of the international event every countries taking action on the streets to celebrate, but unfortunately Indonesia is a fascist democracy country did not recognised the Human Rights Day and Human rights law just only empty symbols because Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police have human rights to shot death, murderous, killing, torturing innocent Indonesian civilians and West Papuans who is occupied by Indonesia criminal regime where their treatment of Indigenous people of West Papua as their slave and little apartheid policy against Black Melanesian live matter in West Papua.

Human Rights Day was blocked by Indonesian racist police at the gathering point for the Tumaritis coral market in Nabire West Papua on this Thursday 10/12/2020.

World human rights day 2020. Yesterday on December 10th 2020 colonial Indonesian police attacked West Papuan students who were peacefully protesting against Indonesian human rights abuses. We are in solidarity with 6 victims of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) were killed by Indonesian terrorist police. However Indonesia Kapolda Metro Jaya , Inspector General Pol Fadil Imran made up the story and created fake news, if Islamic Defenders Front attacks the terrorise police, while the evidence and eyes witness informed that Indonesian racist police killed 6 follers of hard-line cleric who did not attacked police officers but the Indonesian racist police killed them cold blood.

Westpapuanews.Org send solidarity with the family of 6 victim and rest in peace (Fais, Ambon, Andi, Reza, Lutfi, and Kadhafi. We knew how the Indonesia is a fascist democracy country murderous their own ordinary civilians then lies to the international communities to hiding their secrets killing and worst case is Indonesia occupied West Papua 59 years killing West Papuans because Papuan is Black Melanesian race, being continue treating us as animals.

We need international intervention to stop colonial Indonesia killing us in West Papua.

59 years Indonesia occupied West Papua.

We need to be free people.

Referendum on independence is the peaceful and dignified solution for West Papua.


During the action, from the gathering point of RSUD Siriwini Nabire, they were transported by car. At 9:45 am, after appearing 2 patrol cars belonging to the Indonesian military police and 1 long patrol truck at the point where negotiations had taken place with security had negotiated the security forces to carry out a hard beating at the time of the action around 10:00 and they were immediately transported to Nabire Police.

Period of action on hold
10:00 am
1 christianus mote
2 Martinus Goo

  1. Agusten Goo
  2. Mesak keiya
  3. Beti Goo
  4. Seli Bobi
  5. Samuel Bobi
  6. Roni Goo
  7. Darius Goo
  8. Make up the Dogomo
  9. How much
  10. Yuli Obaipa
  11. GEO Mote
  12. Melan Mote
  13. Emeliana Douw

    And some other friends don’t know his name.

This is the crime of the Republic of Indonesia, if Papuans express their opinion it is prohibited,
Indonesia has silenced when talking about human rights violations.

West Papuan people demonstrating to express their opinion must face extrajudicial arrest.

Source: Facebook.com

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