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ULMWP Congratulates Toroama

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By Godwin Ligo, Vanuatu Daily Post

The Chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Benny Wenda, has conveyed the Movement’s congratulatory message to Ishmael Toroama on his recent election as the President of Bougainville.

“Your leadership will be fruitful for Bougainville’s destiny and future,” Wenda stated in a letter to Mr Toroama.

“Your courage and commitment will make a huge difference to your country. Your people believe in you, and under your guidance we will see a successful and peaceful transition to an independent Bougainville.

“Our people and yours work in the same spirit of self-determination. I will work with you, as we are both leaders of our Melanesian peoples.

“We are still suffering under Indonesian colonialism and continue to fight to liberate ourselves from this 21st century imperialism. Good luck in your role. Your election is good for your people, good for Melanesia, and good for the whole region. We look forward to working with you.”

Showing a copy of the letter to the Daily Post, Freddy Waromi, ULMWP Office Caretaker in Port Vila said the Movement has established close relations with Toroama in Bougainville and support towards ULMWP in their struggle for political self-determination, as ULMWP continues to seek support from Melanesian countries towards self-autonomy.

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