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Indonesian Women Support Free West Papua

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Original Video at YouTube in Bahasa Indonesia here: https://youtu.be/aXsIObI4Rss

Translation by MELANESIA.news


Papua Merdeka!

This is our humanitarian call. This is our humanitarian call.

The state manipulates many things that we learned, manipulation of history that we learn. We act because we understand.

This is not just a moral call, all our native Indonesian friends. We have to state our position to free West Papua.

That on the 15 of August, which is same date, the state had acted undemocratically against the Papuan nation, my friends. (You are right)

On this date, there was an agreement called “New York Agreement” involving three nation-states, excluding the Papuan peoples themselves.

This is not just humanitarian or moral call, but we know that this is the problem of democracy, what happened in the agreement was not democratic.

During year 1961 to 1970, there have been military operations across West Papua.

Papua: Merdeka! Papua: Merdeka!

[Men 1 talking]

The preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia says that the independence is the right of all nations.

Therefore, we declare that Papuan peoples have the right and must get their independence.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

All Papuans! Yes!
Papua: Meredka! Papua: Merdeka!

Referendum: Yes!

[Men 2] Speaking

The national League of Democracy, we nationally declare our support.

We fully support the struggle of the Papuan peoples to self-determination.

All Papuans! Yes!
Papua: Meredka! Papua: Merdeka!

Referendum: Yes!

In this opportunity here, let me elaborate a little bit here, we need to know together that Indonesia as a capitalist country, negotiated with the capitalist countries to fully exploit all natural resources in West Papua.

There is no concrete proof and reason for Indonesia to argue that West Papua is part of Indonesia.

West Papua is only occupied to exploit the natural resources, not more than that.

Are you agree? Yes, agree!

We therefore, very effort that have been carried out by our Papuan friends will be supported by all of us here.

It is real to us that there is discrimination against the Papuan people right now. It is real!

Our Papuan friends experience discrimination right now.

If Indonesia is based on Pancasila, it should not differentiate humans by race, by religion.

If Indonesia is truly under Pancasila, then it should openly and clearly say that West Papua is NOT part of Indonesia. Pancasila as our ideology emphasizes the right to self-determination like this, ladies and gentlemen.

We cannot look after West Papua. What we do is we send military into West Papua and take care of the things developing over there, for the interests of Indonesia.

There is no reason for Indonesia to cooperate with capitalism and maintain West Papua as part of Inodnesia.

Papua: Meredka! Papua: Merdeka! Papua: Meredka! Papua: Merdeka!

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