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South Maloccans believe God has chosen Vanuatu

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“It is not exaggerated if I say that now Indonesia is trembling because they know for a fact that from today (December 1st) and onward West Papua is no longer alone, for where West Papua is, there is South Moluccas.

“It is not exaggerated if I say that now Indonesia is trembling because they know for a fact that from today (December 1st) and onward West Papua is no longer alone, for where West Papua is, there is South Moluccas.

“I wish to remind the Unitary State of Indonesia that you shall never be able to damp anymore the triple knight namely Moluccas, West Papua and Acheh as they appeal more and more internationally to uphold their independence calls from your brutal grips.”

The most outspoken leader of South Moluccas, Dr. Alexander Manuputty, has made the statement after his arrival for the first time in Vanuatu and witnessed West Papua’s flag raising ceremony last Saturday.

To prove his determination to free his people from Indonesian rule, the medical doctor turned his back on his profession to become the Executive Administrator of the Republic of South Moluccas as well as Moluccas Sovereignty Front for National Day of West Papua United Liberation Movement for West Papua in Vanuatu.

While living in political asylum in California in America, he believes his faith in God has guided him and his colleagues to have arrived this far in the Land of Freedom.

The doctor says in his opinion, God has blessed Vanuatu and its Government and Church Leaders to play the leading role in the affairs of the country.

“Sometimes even I do not understand why a small country like Vanuatu wants to help other colonized peoples to become free from colonial rule,” he says.

“It just does not make sense that Vanuatu wants to help these countries without asking for any reward in return but if God has chosen you to carry out this task then who am I to question God for directing you to do His will?

“I have just learned today (last Friday) that even the President of Vanuatu is a pastor and you also have Pastor Allan Nafuki to lead the Free West Papua Movement so I see the hand of God here in Vanuatu leading your leaders to help the colonized peoples in the world to become independent.”

Asked to explain the status of his country to the people of Vanuatu, the doctor explains, “We the people of South Moluccas became independent from the Dutch on April 25 of 1950. Our ancestors declared our independence from the Dutch Coloniser.

“But Indonesia did what they went on to do to West Papua. Indonesia is made up mostly of Java people and they dominated us as the saying goes that we went from the ‘lion’s mouth into the crocodile’s mouth’. The first colonizer was Dutch followed by Indonesia dominated by Java people.”

The international media is also banned from visiting South Moluccas.

Accompanied by colleagues Zacharias Pattimukay (pastor) and F. Tommy Latupeirissa (activist), the three-man delegation came to take part in the flag raising ceremony of the Morning Star West Papua Flag at the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs Nakamal on December 1, last Saturday.

Athletic-looking Tommy Latupeirissa is the link man between South Moluccas and West Papua.

As a sportsman he remembers, “I used to play soccer for Indonesia’s National Soccer Team and my manager was former President Suharto’s son.

“Then I migrated to Australia and now looking in from the outside, I came to realise that Indonesia is a corrupt country. Then I saw on TV what Dr. Alexander Manuputty was doing for our people. In fact he and I have just met now here in Vanuatu,” he said.

He says he witnessed atrocities committed by Indonesian officials.

“I was born in West Papua because my parents worked there. Let me explain the connection between South Moluccas and West Papua. Originally the civil servants employed in West Papua were from Moluccas. All the pastors, teachers and medical personnel came from our country so that is the relationship between our two countries.”

It was him who recommended for his two colleagues to have to come to Vanuatu to experience the lives of the ni-Vanuatu people.

Source: DP

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