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Deal to Restore Anuhua

by mnews
DEAL TO RESTORE ANUHA Anuha island in the Florida islands.

Anuha island in the Florida islands.

ANY plan to redevelop the once beautiful island resort of Anuha in the Central Islands Province can proceed if the national government says sorry and compensate for the damages caused to the resort.
That’s according to the Dutch man who holds the Irrevocable Power of Attorney (IPA) over the island.
Speaking to the Solomon Star in a phone interview from Brisbane, Australia yesterday John Smith put forward a deal demanding the government to formally apologise for its wrong deeds and compensate him and the family of late Fr. Pule before Anuha could reopen.
“If Solomon Islands government wants the 30 years abandoned resort of Anuha in the Florida group of island rebuilt, they must make a public apology to me and to the family of late Fr. Pule for the damages they have caused.
“Once these are done, the resort can be redeveloped.”
He explained, the apology must come in a form of compensation for all the fraud and corrupt dealings that resulted in Anuha being left idle for nearly 30 years now.
Mr. Smith claimed Anuha is the biggest fraud case in the pacific and it involves Solomon Islands government and the previous Australian High Commissioners who allowed themselves to be witness in all the fraud dealings that left Anuha undeveloped up until today.
He explained the IPA (power) he held on behalf of late Fr. Pule and his family legally stands and will never be undermined by any person, group or government.
Mr Smith said, the IPA was signed by late Fr. Pule with the rest of his family and it was witnessed by people whom are still alive today who can prove the IPA was given to him.
A power of attorney is a written document in which someone, the principal, give a trusted person, or agent, the right to handle financial and property affairs on behalf of another person or organisations.
Mr. Smith argued that previous attempt by the government to sort out the matter with him did not work out because there were no offers made to him during their negotiation in Brisbane.
He said, he speaks on behalf of late Fr. Pule and family who gave him the power since the then Solomon Island Government and their cronies want to steal the property from him.
“So late Fr. Pule gave me the IPA with trust that I will stand for him at any cost to protect the property from government and those who wants to steal the ownership from him,” said Mr. Smith yesterday.
“If they want to see Anuha redeveloped then Solomon Islands Government has to make a public apology to me and the family of late Fr. Pule, with some form of compensation then I will be there in three days’ time to reopen Anuha.”
Anuha Island Resort was once an outstanding island resort which could have reached the status of a five star hotel had it still operates till today.
Accommodation was offered through exclusive private villas with ocean views, individually decorated by the locals.
The central resort area comprised a reception, boutique shop, main restaurant and cocktail bar, and outdoor eating areas and pool area.
The resort was successfully developed and managed by Pacific Resorts Ltd in 1983, by Queensland based businessmen, John Donnelly and Peter Cornish.
It was a major draw-card for tourism in the region and Anuha Island Resort played host to a number of well-known celebrities.
Transportation to the resort was through Anuha’s private airline and its own charter boat fleet. The resort generated its own electricity and water supply.
Ownership later changed hands over the course of the Resort’s history.
But the resort was burnt down over a land ownership dispute in 1988.
And more recently, plans have existed to re-open the resort under the legal ownership and guidance of the Solomon Island Tourism Ltd group but it remains idle today.

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