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Mary Lini Reflects on the Importance of Constitution Day

By Doddy Morris Oct 6, 2023

by admin

Mary Lini, the wife of Vanuatu’s founding father, Walter Lini, spoke about the importance of Constitution day yesterday, especially for the young generation.

She stated that the young people of today, might not fully understand what the older generation felt when our constitution was signed.

She continues to reminds us that without Vanuatu’s constitution, Vanuatu wouldn’t have gained independence, and other countries wouldn’t recognize Vanuatu.

“This was something special, just like Vanuatu’s independence, it is as important as our independence,” she says.

Mary Lini has been attending Constitution Day celebrations every October 5th for over 40 years.

She shared a sweet memory of a conversation she had with her husband, Walter Lini, before and after the constitution was signed.

“In 1979, during the constitution signing, he (Late Fr. Walter) told me we were going to celebrate the constitution signing with a cocktail at Iririki Island Resort,” she said.

She further stated that she gets dress early and waited patiently for his husband for the constitution cocktail but was surprised when they came back very early in the morning at around 5am.

“He came back and say sorry but we stay there too long for the constitution and after 3am they went to eat at L’Houstalet.

“I am happy to be here, celebrating Constitution Day. Without the constitution, there would be no independence.

“For us to be truly independent, we must have a constitution,” she concluded.

However, the owner of L’Houstalet, was the one who made them eat at his restaurant since he was there looking for news when they came out and saw him and requested an onion soup.

He served 60 of them that night.

Clement commented that they did not sign the constitution at L’Houstalet, but they did celebrate the draft of the Constitution of Vanuatu, that was a milestone for the L’Houstalet.

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