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She Is A Vlogger, A Pilot and Passionate Woman Advocate

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This is Captain Galuoko Secivo and her all ladies crew and her powerful Pinktober message.

“This would have definitely freaked out that one passenger who almost refused to be on my flight simply because the Pilot was a woman” says Captain Galuoko Secivo.

“The sad truth is, there are some people who still see us women as only good enough to belong only in the house and in the kitchen. Good enough to only serve and not be served.

“To only listen and not be heard. The sadder truth is, we sometimes gladly unconsciously accept that we’re not good enough, not smart enough and not strong enough.

“And when we get encouraged to pursue something amazing for ourselves. We’re the first one to doubt and question our own potential and strengths. Time to Woman Up Woman!!

“Find your purpose and pursue whatever dreams and goals that is setting your soul on fire. You are strong. You are smart, You are beautiful and Nooo you are not just enough!!
“You are more than enough, says the Fijian pilot who now flys PNG Air.

Photo Credit: Captain Cesivo

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