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Media Statement: Kua Supports Marape’s Move

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The Shadow Attorney General and Member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua welcomed the resignation of Mr James Marape from the O’Neill Cabinet, saying it is timely and we still have the opportunity to save this country if more cabinet ministers follow suit and abandon the corrupt practices of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Mr Kua said, “My sacking as the Attorney General in 2014 was for the very same reason that Marape today has resigned from Cabinet. O’Neill does not take advice from his Cabinet but instead takes a lot of ill advice from opportunists that surround him.

“We have seen more scandals during O’Neill’s administration than any other time in our short history starting from the purchase of the generators from Israel to the UBS loan that were both undertaken without following due government processes. We witnessed the blow out in costs for sports infrastructure for the Pacific Island Games. We watched with disbelief as Mr O’Neill tried to expropriate the PNGSDP.

“We watched the huge spend and borrowings for the APEC meeting that has seen little to no trickle-down effect to the people of Papua New Guinea. Yet we are reminded daily as we drive along Wharf road, Port Moresby and see the line of buses and cars being corroded by the salt air of the amounts wasted by this government. Monies that have could have been spent on medicines in both urban and rural areas of the country; and on education so that schools should not be suffering and forcing parents to pay despite the PNC promise of free education.

“More recently we saw the unfurling of the Paladin scandal and the setting up of Mr O’Neill’s Pacific Brewery on alleged customary land.

“Mr O’Neill is unstoppable, he does not heed to advice as in the case of the Department of Petroleum’s notice that the Papua LNG agreement is not ready for signing but expediency seems to be the order of the day. Not enough awareness has not been conducted and many landowners from the project area feel further marginalised and do not understand the significance of the signing of this project agreement.

“We witnessed the manipulation and demise of state departments and agencies to suit outcomes favourable to Mr O’Neill and a handful of his political and business associates. A lot of damage has been done eroding the capacity of our institutions.

“But Mr Marape’s move gives the Opposition and the people of this country hope that more members of parliament will move to partner with Opposition to put an end to this continual abuse at the highest Office of our country.

“We are still a democracy and one person cannot unilaterally overrule other elected representatives of the people of Papua New Guinea. Mr O’Neill cannot undermine the system of government that we have by overlooking ministers and dealing directly with Department heads. Cabinet ministers should not tolerate this tyranny.

“Further it is unbecoming that Mr O’Neill should suggest to a senior and loyal Cabinet minister that Mr Marape has not performed in his electorate. Mr O’Neill has not resolved pending police matters in his own electorate and should not be pointing fingers.

“Importantly, I urge cabinet ministers to stop suffering in silence and come forward by tending your resignation and forming a better political alliance where we can truly serve the interest of the people of this country.

Kerenga Kua MP
Shadow Attorney General & Minister for Justice

Source: Facebook.com

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