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Madang Residents Told to Take Extra Precaution

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Madang Provincial Police Commander, Ben Neneo is appealing to all residents to take extra precaution when moving around as selective killing is for real by hired killers.

He said this yesterday when commenting on the state of law and order in the province.

The recent one being the killing of Solomon Yama, one of the many sons of Governor, Peter Yama, who was also mentally sick for some time.

According to the incident brief, Neneo said that Solomon was killed between the early hours of Sunday morning.

“The body was found near the neglected government housing scheme land without his clothes,” he said.

Mr Neneo said he was killed somewhere else and dumped there as the area had no blood anywhere. He said that the naked body was dragged from the murder scene to the actual spot.

The late Solomon was believed to have been killed at the Biliau Maus Rot settlement where pooled blood on the bitumen could be seen and dragged 200-300 metres away towards the Wagol River and dumped in the bushes between the hills of Sisiak, Lavalava, Marap camp, Biliau Maus and Public tank.

“Detectives working on the case have no leads as yet nor the motive. Criminals are choosing their timing to kill and are being selective,” he said.

“I must warn residents to be careful and do the commonsense things of taking care of yourselves because police have also received threats and we are doing double work now, looking after ourselves and you. Its not easy.”

He said the current escalating law and order problem need to be sorted out by the inclusion and presence of the six national MPs and the Governor by addressing the recent petition put to them three weeks ago.

He said six MPs non committal attitude towards Madang issues over the years and now was something that needed fixing.

Meanwhile, the first suspect in the January heist of Best Buy Supermarket where a total of K100,000 in cash was stolen has finally been arrested.

Neneo said supermarket staff who viewed the CCTV footage of the robbery soon after, identified the suspect themselves and alerted police.

The suspect Timothy Telo of Yame village, Maprik, is now in police custody.

Mr Neneo also confirmed that suspects locked up at the Jomba cells have not been fed due to no money to feed them.

“We are in consultation with the senior provincial magistrate and the National Court on this issue where summary offenders are released whilst the others get warrant commitments done up and are sent straight to Beon.”


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