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Two killed, three injured in Enga tribal fighting

by mnews
Enga police commander George Kakas

Enga police commander George Kakas

TWO people were killed and three injured in tribal fighting in Enga on Sunday, Enga police commander George Kakas said.
Kakas, pictured, told The National that fighting between the Kala and Kii tribes in the outskirt of Wabag town was related to an election issues from last year and it included a land dispute.
Police tried to monitor the situation close-up but tribesmen burnt their vehicle and chased away the policemen.
“The Kala tribe from Amala village is on the fringes of Wabag town and adjacent to that is the Teremanda village where the Kii tribe comes from and between them is disputed land,” Kakas said.
“This fighting between the Kala tribe of Teremanda village and the Kii tribe from Amala is related to the Kandep open seat.”
Kakas said police managed to control and stop the fighting last year during election but this time the fight restarted over disputed land.
Kakas said some Teremanda women started making gardens on the disputed land.
“They were spotted by a man from the Amala village who then spread the word to his tribesmen and they came back with arms to chase away the women,” he said.
However, Kakas said they were ambushed by Kala tribe men who gunned them down.
“Two of the men from Kala tribe died and another three are fighting for their lives at Wabag hospital,” he said.
Kakas said the situation was tense and the two tribes were attacking the public travelling on the road, leading to Porgera gold mine.
“Police could not intervene because we tried sending two officers to assess the situation,” he said.
“But the tribesmen got hold of the police vehicle and burnt it and chased the police officers away.”
Source: The National PNG

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