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PM grateful for RAMSI’s achievements

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Prime Minister (PM) Manasseh Sogavare has thanked and spoken highly about the great achievements of Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) by highlighting their good work.
In his statement on Tuesday, when he declared that parliament be resolved into a committee of the Whole House to consider National Parliament Paper No.19 of 2017, PM boasted on the achievement RAMSI brought to restore peace in the country.
PM reiterated on the floor of parliament that since the inception of RAMSI, 14 years ago under the Biketawa Declaration, it took a trying journey with a lot of challenges that none of which deter the Australian-led mission to achieve its objectives.
“Law and order has been restored, the machinery of Government is functioning again, the economy has recovered and the judicial system has been strengthened; our Police Force has regained the confidence of our people and regarded as one of the best police force in the region,” PM stressed.
He also said that RAMSI’s involvement in the family violence program is highly commended for its focuses on instilling discipline in the basic unit of our society that must exercise tolerance, love and be able to live in peace with each other.
PM said result of their involvement in family violence programs led to the passing of the Family Violence Act, which is counted with other significant achievements of RAMSI in the country.
Sogavare added that these great achievements worthy of commendations and gratitude as they were designed to set the basics of this society on the part of peace, happiness and values that were sorely tested during the ethnic crisis.
He further revealed that the strategic path that RAMSI took under its mandates started with the intervention and later evolved of RAMSI on the spectrum of stabilisation to capacity building, before withdrawal.
“And this is provided in the report that RAMSI began intervention and stabilisation of Law and Order from year 2003 to 2004, then they moved into institutional strengthening from 2004 to 2005, capacity development in 2006 and 2008, transition from 2009 to 2013 and finally the police development and drawdown strategy from 2013 to 2017,” PM remarked.
He went on to acknowledge that RAMSI’s mission was here to rescue the country and provide an environment where it can once again be reunited to rebuild as a nation.
The Member of Parliament (MP) for East Choiseul highlighted that since the arrival of RAMSI, government services improved, public servants were paid, businesses operate normal again and strict financial management measures and economic reforms were put in place has enable the country to navigate on the right trend.
“Today the nation stands at the cross road as we are ready to take full responsibility for the affairs of the country and journey into nation building in the post RAMSI era.”
PM then thanked the RAMSI’s special coordinator both current and former ones and the officers.
He as well thanked the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), the community of Solomon Islands, churches, men, women and youth.
He also paid tribute to the six fallen RAMSI officers who lost their lives during the course of their duty.
“And finally I want to thank all MPs and former MPs for their strong support towards RAMSI.”
In concluding his acknowledgment PM took the opportunity to say thank you RAMSI on behalf of his constituency and people of Solomon Islands.

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