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Governance for Growth, or, Growth of Government?

by mnews

Dear Editor,
The Public have recently been informed by the Chairman of the Revenue Review Committee that Australia through their Governance for Growth Program, are the major Donor in the Revenue Review Process with the introduction of Australian style Taxes on the Citizens and Businesses of Vanuatu.
The following questions are directed to the Head of the Governance for Growth Program on behalf of all Vanuatu Citizens.

Mr Matthew Harding,
Program Director, Governance for Growth Unit, (GfG)
Dear Mr Harding,
With the potential introduction of two new and complicated tax systems on the people of Vanuatu, can you provide responses to the following questions, and relay your reply to the Editor of the Daily Post for Publishing in next week’s Saturday edition.
1. Does the GfG operate a transparent and open book policy in relation to the allocation and spending of the unallocated $8,700,000 flexible fund? If so, how does the Public access this information?
2. Explain the decision making process in deciding how the flexible funds are allocated and spent?
3. Knowing full well the devastation caused to the Countries economy by Cyclone Pam, the impact on the Agricultural industry caused by the recent El Nino conditions, the disastrous effect on the Tourism industry from the runway fiasco, with the subsequent and ongoing decline in tourist numbers, explain to Vanuatu Citizens, and all those involved in the Private Sector the rationale and thinking behind Australia’s decision to assist in the “bolt on” introduction of two new complicated and complex taxes as an addition to the much needed revenue administration review.

4. The GfG Program Design Document has numerous references to the importance of dialogue with the Private Sector. (Clauses 22, 45, 89, 93, 94, 99, 154). Outline in detail the Private Sector dialogue prior to the decision to proceed with the funding for the introduction of these additional complex and complicated taxes.
5. What is the progress with the Governance for Growth Program Design Document Phase lll, and are there any plans to involve the Private Sector in its development?
Yours Sincerely,
Ian G. Kerr.
Australian Tax Payer and Vanuatu Investor.
Member of the Vanuatu Public

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